Positive Change

We support Service Users from the position of always assuming that positive change is possible and they can improve their abilities to live independently.
We will be open to change and new ideas so that we can develop and be as effective as possible.


Our approach will be to look for people's strengths and work with those to build confidence and self esteem.
We will look to utilise the strengths in colleagues and other agencies to further enhance the support we deliver.
We will promote a culture which focuses on strengths and achievements and less on weakness and problems.

Taking Responsibility

Our approach to support will be to encourage people to take responsibility for their own actions, and, to promote independence, not dependency.
As workers we will accept and take responsibility for our own work, behaviour and performance and be accountable.
We will organise ourselves on the basis that the people who we support and the workers in our organisation are likely to develop further and achieve more if allowed to exercise as much self-responsibility as possible.

Good Relationships

Our approach recognises the tremendous value that a positive relationship can have for a service user.
As workers we will strive to develop positive and supportive relationships with all those with whom we come into contact.
We will promote the need for and value of strong supportive relationships with our service users, between our staff, and, with other agencies.



Our approach will be to have open and honest communication between us and service users.
As workers we will aim to be open with each other about our views and our work and acknowledge where we need to improve.
As an agency we aim to be open and honest about our mistakes and promote a culture which enables workers to do this safely.

Accept and Respect

We will accept and respect service users as individuals in their own right and help them to achieve their own goals.
As workers we will treat all those with whom we have contact with respect recognising that people have different roles, and, be prepared to listen to views and opinions which are different to our own.
As an agency we will promote a positive culture of acceptance and tolerance of all others, and, respect thedifferent roles of the agencies with whom we work.


Our approach will be to work with service users from a position of integrity regardless of the challenges that might be presented.
As workers we will behave with integrity and honesty at all times.
As an agency we will promote a culture whereby integrity is integral to all our actiions (including acknowledging our mistakes) and promote this ethos in our relationships with all agencies.