Closing Statement


CASS has been providing services to vulnerable and homeless people in North and West
Cumbria for over 30 years, with a particular focus on providing support and accommodation to
people in contact with the Criminal Justice System.

In the light of the changed economic climate of more recent years, the CASS Committee has
spent considerable time reflecting on what is the best way forward both to protect existing
services and to develop services over the longer term, and come to the decision that this can
best be achieved by joining with a larger charity - DISC Ltd (Developing Initiatives Supporting

DISC is a large charity that provides a very wide range of services across the North of England
with the aim of reducing deprivation and exclusion among disadvantaged groups.
Their values, aims and approach are very similar to those promoted by CASS. We believe they
will continue providing and developing services that CASS has provided in the past with same
high standards and principles.

From the 1st March 2018 the service providing accommodation, finance and debt advice and
support service to clients of the Cumbria and Lancs Community Rehabilitation Company will
transfer to DISC along with the CASS staff who work on this contract.

The service will be known as the DISC Cumbria Offender Services (COS) project.

Once the transfer has been completed, the Committee will then take the necessary steps to
close the charity.

Obviously this is a decision that the CASS Committee have not taken lightly and we all feel a
sense of sadness that we will no longer be providing these services in the future as well as a
sense of pride in what CASS has achieved over the many years it has been around.

At the same time we view this as a positive, proactive step in securing the delivery of services
for the future and are looking forward to the enhanced opportunities it will offer.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the many people and agencies that we have
worked with over the years and wish all of those the very best for the future,

Keith Dobson, Chair CASS
Iain Williamson, Director CASS