Strategic Aims and Objectives


Improve the accommodation situation of people referred to the project

We have previously achieved this aim by providing an 'advice with support service' for people who were homeless or at risk of homelessness alongside our supported temporary accommodation. We are only currently delivering the temporary accommodation service.

Enable homeless people have a period of stability

We recognize that the first step for many homeless people is to have a period of stability – and they can then begin to make choices and plan for their future. We also recognize that people will relapse into past behaviour. Achieving a period of stability does represent significant change and progress for many people.

Reduce the type of behaviour which in the past has led to people offending or losing their accommodation

We work to assist people reduce behaviour which affects their ability to access and sustain accommodation – some people who access our services have a range of problems which have contributed to their accommodation problems.

To improve people’s ability to manage their own accommodation

We work with people on the range of skills they need to maintain what accommodation they have – this can include the skills needed to manage money, deal with the gas, electric and water companies, get the help they may need from other specialist support agencies but also involves encouraging people to look after the accommodation they have properly and to keep it as a place they want to be.


Work collaboratively with other agencies to promote the interests of homeless people, those who have offended and those with problems with alcohol and or other drugs

We know that the people we work with are not always popular and can be difficult due to the range of personal problems they may have. However, we want to encourage other agencies to also try and assist as much as they can as we believe that accommodation gives homeless people the chance to change, reduce their offending and subsequently they and the public will benefit. We have a commitment to attend meetings where agencies liaise and plan services and to provide information and support to agencies to help them work with homeless people.